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Why Green Audit is beneficial for your Industry / Factory?

  • Green Audit is a process of systematic identification, quantification, recording, reporting and analysis of various components of environmental diversity of various establishments. Its primary aim is to analyze the environmental practices within and outside of concerned sites, which will have a beneficial and eco-friendly impact on the ambience.

  • The National Assessment and Accreditation Council, New Delhi (NAAC) has made it mandatory that all Higher Educational Institutions should submit an annual Green Audit Report. Moreover, it is part of Corporate Social Responsibility of the Higher Educational Institutions to ensure that they contribute towards the reduction of global warming through Carbon Footprint reduction measures.


  • Green audit can be a useful tool for a college to determine how and where they are using the most energy or water or resources; the college can then consider how to implement changes and make savings.

  • It can also be used to determine the type and volume of waste, which can be used for a recycling project or to improve waste minimization plan.

  • It can create health consciousness and promote environmental awareness, values and ethics

  • If self-enquiry is a natural and necessary outgrowth of a quality education, it could also be stated that institutional self-enquiry is a natural and necessary outgrowth of a quality educational institution.

What Varshasookt offer:

  • Analysis and measurements.

  • Energy savings with related cost benefit analysis.

  • Creating a green campus guideline.

  • Audit report for as per NAAC requirement.

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