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Best for Kitchen and Garden Waste

Composting is the biological decomposition of organic waste such as food or plant material by bacteria, fungi, worms, and other organisms under controlled aerobic (occurring in the presence of oxygen) conditions. The end result of composting is an accumulation of partially decayed organic matter called humus.


Mechanical Composting is a biological process in which microorganisms (bacteria) convert organic waste into compost. The compost looks like dry soil and is an excellent medium for growing plants. It uses special microorganisms to break down and decompose all kinds of organic waste into compost.

When Organic Waste is added to the composting system, moisture is sensed by the humidity sensor, due to which the heater turns ON and the composting tank gets heated. Due to this, the water content in the organic waste is evaporated and it goes out to the atmosphere as water vapor through the exhaust system. As any organic (food) waste contains 70 - 80% water content, we achieve 70- 80% volume reduction at this stage itself. At the same time, our special microorganisms decompose the remaining organic waste into compost within 20 hours. That’s how we achieve 85 - 90% volume reduction. The process is completely noiseless as there is no crushing or grinding involved.


  • Fully Automatic & compact in size

  • Processes all types of organic waste like curry, roti, bread, egg-shells, chicken bones, mutton bones, fish, fish bones, fruit, fruit peels, vegetables, vegetable peels, left-over’s of kitchen waste, garden waste like dry leaves and small twigs, etc.

  • Removal of compost only once in 8-10 days.

  • No addition of any micro-organisms or anything

  • No harmful gases & pathogens


• Premium Quality Steel – SS & MS
• Stainless Steel material for Tank, shaft, top cover, and doors - More Durable
• New Shaft Design - No breakage problems and improved mixing
• CNC Punching & CNC Bending for all MS fabricated parts – Best Results
• Canopy housing - Easy for service.
• New ABB – PLC (also new software program) with touch-screen HMI gives superior control and remote monitoring from the factory.
• NORD Motor – German; Schneider / ABB control panel parts; Limit Switch - Improved Safety
• New Surface Heaters - Better Heating & Efficiency
• New Blowers - Silent and efficient operation



• Overload function-Machine comes to a halt in case of overload
• Indicators are provided for Power mode, heater & power-saving mode
• Internal mixing blades automatically stop when waste input door/ compost removal door open


• Satisfies the 3R principle: Reduce waste at source, Recycles waste into compost &
• Reuse of compost for plants, garden & farming.
• Completes ecological loop - Food goes back to the soil from where it comes
• Savings in costs of collection, transportation & disposal of waste.
• Helps in creating zero garbage cities


• Hotels, Restaurants
• Residential Buildings
• Corporate office Canteens
• Malls
• Hospital Canteens

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