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Impact Assessment Service for CSR projects

Important Compliance for measurement of Corporate Social Responsibility Projects Efficacy

Need for impact assessment

Impact assessments help funders, grant-makers and companies to understand and evaluate the impact of their social investments in programmes and projects on their target beneficiaries or society. The findings of an assessment also help funders and companies to make evidence-based decisions in implementation and identify hurdles, allowing for programme continuity, scale, sustainability, efficiency, etc.

Compliance Requirement

  • CSR amendment 2021 - Impact assessment is only mandatory for companies with CSR obligations of INR10 crore with projects of INR1 crore or more. 

  • Impact assessment needs to be done before the completion of one year since the end of the project.

  • The assessment report which will be produced at the end of the process will be annexed to the company’s annual report on CSR.

  • The impact assessments must be undertaken by an independent agency.

Benefits of Impact Assessment Audit

impact assessment has now become an essential component of many development initiatives undertaken by companies, foundations, social enterprises, and NGOs. 

The new CSR law amendments bring significant changes to the national CSR policy, including i) an increased focus on impact assessment, ii) decriminalization of offenses through alternate redressal mechanisms, and iii) new guidelines for the management of excess CSR funds. 

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