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Did you know that the #solarenergy sun provides to the earth for one hour could meet the global energy needs for one year? Beyond a doubt, Sun is the most powerful energy source and even harnessing a fraction of this energy by installing solar panels can make a significant difference to the planet.

The #Electricityact (2003) requires the federal government to issue a #NationalElectricityPolicy in consultation with the state governments, which lays down the guidelines for the accelerated development of the electricity sector in the country, with the optimal utilization of resources such as coal, natural gas, nuclear materials, hydro and renewable sources of energy.

With about 300 clear and sunny days in a year, the calculated solar energy incidence on #India's land area is about 5 quadrillion kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year (or 5 EWh/yr). The solar energy available in a single year exceeds the possible energy output of all of the fossil fuel energy reserves in India. The daily average solar-power-plant generation capacity in India is 0.30 kWh per m2 of used land area, equivalent to 1,400–1,800 peak (rated) capacity operating hours in a year with available, commercially-proven technology.

#Solarpanels continue to become more efficient, enabling homes and businesses to produce more electricity in a limited space. Increasingly, solar PV panels are lighter weight, have a sleeker appearance and thinner profile, making them more visually appealing.

While it has been widely criticized for being expensive or inefficient, solar energy has now proved to be extremely beneficial - not only for the environment but also for the private #economy.


1. Solar energy is a renewable energy source and reduces carbon emissions.

2. Solar energy can reduce your home’s electricity bill.

3. Solar power can get you money back through Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs)

4. Solar panels have low maintenance costs.

5. Solar energy can generate electricity in any climate.

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