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Rainwater harvesting consists of a wide range of simplest, indigenous technologies being practiced in India for centuries technologies used to collect, store and provide water with the particular aim of meeting the demand for water by humans and/or human activities. Due to urbanization, the soil surface exposed to the recharge is drastically reduced & therefore natural recharge is diminished. Groundwater is a natural resource that has the major benefit of meeting emergency supplies during water scarcity periods. A hydraulic equilibrium must be maintained between the availability & utilization.


The solutions provide a continuous improvement over the quality and quantity of stored and groundwater. Our storage and recharging integrated RWH systems provide unique tailor-made solutions for industry, institutions, residential complexes.


• Industries consuming water for process and non-process purposes
• Institutions such as hospitals, educational institutions, public recreational places, govt. buildings
• Residential complexes, individual apartments, independent bungalows, colonies

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1. It provides self-sufficiency to your water supply.
2. It reduces the cost of pumping groundwater; as it increases groundwater level.
3. It provides high-quality soft water, low in minerals.
4. It improves the quality of groundwater through dilution when recharged to the ground.
5. It reduces soil erosion in urban areas.
6. Rooftop rainwater harvesting is less expensive.
7. simple systems which individuals can adopt.
8. RWH systems are easy to construct, operate & maintain.
9. In saline or coastal areas, RWH provides good quality water & when recharged to ground water. It reduces salinity & helps in maintaining balance between the fresh saline water interfaces.

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