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The current levels of dependence on fossil fuels, the need of reducing the carbon emissions associated with energy use, and the prospects of developing a new and extremely innovative technology sector, make solar energy increasingly attractive. India is a country rich in sunlight throughout the year.



Solar power generation is about converting solar energy into direct current electricity using semiconducting materials that exhibit the photovoltaic effect.


1. Power generation with PV technologies with complete turnkey solutions

2. Captive Solar Power Plants

3. Services including

 ►Feasibility Study Report for installation of Solar power generation projects

► Primary Site Survey, Potential Analysis.

► Coordination & synchronization of various agencies like landowners,

     EPC contractors, govt. agencies, financers for setting up projects.

► Primary Documentation & Technical Support

► Unsuccessful Liaoning

► Start Fragment End Fragment

► Project Sales & EPC Partnership

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1. Partly or complete self-sufficiency for power
2. 2- 3 years Payback on commercial, industrial, and manufacturing units rooftop projects
3. Remote monitoring of projects 4. Strong after-sales support


1. Industrial Units
2. Agricultural Applications
3. Commercial Complexes
4. Residential Complexes

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