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Corporate Social Responsibility Projects

Varshasookt Private Limited strongly believes that the application of engineering solutions as per local requirements can improve the local economy in sustainable ways.

We understand the gravity of social issues due to the mismanagement of natural resources like water, power. Also, we are having hands-on experience in the NGO sector deeply involved in the upliftment of the rural economy by the implementation of self-sustaining projects by joint ownership of the community, NGOs, Corporate and government organizations. 

Taking into consideration the scenario; we are supporting corporate institutions to implement their CSR activities in a sustainable way with help of our understanding of public-private partnership projects, human psychology, and necessary obligations on corporate for completing their CSR projects.


Hotels, Hospitals, manufacturing industries, food processing industries, residential complexes, remote defense locations, any location where bulk food/ organic waste is generated.


Varshasookt Private Limited’s Driving Motive itself has been to implement Sustainable Solutions right from its inception. We innovate, research, implement technologies that are most suitable and sustainable in Remote Areas where there is,
1. Scarcity of Trained Man Power.
2. Scarcity of vital resources like Power, Water.
3. Lack of public awareness about water & Waste Management.


Varshasookt Private Limited assists institutions in
1. Root Cause Analysis of social issues Identifying technologies suitable to local weather and social conditions.
2. Support Corporate Teams with Budgeting / detailing of the projects Designing, Detailed Engineering, and complete execution of such projects.


Rural upliftment through water management, rainwater harvesting, solar-powered solutions, wastewater handling, waste to energy solutions.

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